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Kased Plates

Off-Road  ATV & Dirt Bike Skid Plate Frame Protectors

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* minus the cost of shipping.

Know you will be taken care of when you run our products! 

We have a simple goal in mind. And that is to protect your equipment. All the time. So when your plate wears out or if it ever fails, send it back with the original receipt and $35 for quads (or $30 for bikes) + shipping and we'll send you a new one. You can pay with credit card, via PayPal invoice we can email you, check or money order. No questions asked. Wore out? No problem. Failed? No problem. Just want a new shiny one for the new season or a special ride? No problem. Quit paying hundreds of dollars for plates that look terrible after a few rides or a season. You take care of your machine, so why shouldn't we. No one else in the industry offers that. That's why we're family. We'll take care of you from here on out!

"When I set out and created Kased Plates, I wanted something with some backbone to it. I was use to burning through skid plates year after year and just throwing money down the drain. I was unhappy with how they were either too heavy and weighted the machine down or too flimsy and wouldn't take a rock or branch hit. So I wanted the best of both worlds and started up K.P. Now you get a lightweight, solid layer of protection for your machine and the ability to replace it when or if it wears out or if you just want a fresh one for the new season. And if you're not happy with your initial purchase, send it back within the first 30 days and we'll refund your money.* That's how confident I am in my product that I'm willing to replace them basically at cost once they've served their purpose. I wanted to build race products, for racers or racers at heart.

So I hope you enjoy your plates and please let me know of any suggestions or concerns. We're always about making things better and constantly looking for new and innovative ways to make our products the best on the market."


Kased Plates is a subsidiary of Onski Powersports L.L.C.


Founded: 2014

Owner: Jason Strempke


Areas of expertise:  ATV, dirt bike, SxS or UTV, jetski's, watercraft, go karts